We’re Delighted to Become Members of The British Chauffeurs Guild (BCG)

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we are now very proud members of the British Chauffeurs Guild, completing our Diploma of Merit in Security Chauffeur Training earlier in the year. 

During late 2020, managing directors Andrew and Daniel, thought what better way to spend some of their time during this rather strange period than to brush up on their chauffeur driving skills whilst also covering security chauffeur training.  

Security chauffeur training covers both advanced driving and close protection, equipping chauffeurs with a wide variety of skills including evasive and defensive driving techniques, convoy training both with and without police escorting. Security chauffeur training provides chauffeurs with not only the training but the mindset to keep their clients and themselves safe in potential situations of risk, be it on the road or at the destination arrival or departure.  

The potential security risks that may be encountered by chauffeurs include anything from terrorist attacks to industrial espionage attempts, whilst due to the unpredictable nature of roads, being able to detect and avoid dangerous situations caused by other road users is vital to be a close protection driver.  

What is the British Chauffeurs Guild?

The British Chauffeurs Guild (BCG) is a body of licensing registration authority, launched in 1983 by Leslie Cabrera, who served 15 years in London’s Metropolitan Police Force and also worked as a bodyguard. He became aware that no governing body or association existed to guide or train chauffeurs in how to navigate the potential security threats that many drivers are faced with throughout their careers, especially those who provide services for high-net-worth and high-profile individuals, diplomats, members of parliament and members of the royal family. 

Areas of Training Covered by the BCG

The British Chauffeurs Guild Security Chauffeur Training programme unites the advanced driving skills and etiquette of a traditional chauffeur with the close protection skills of a security chauffeur. Areas covered include: 

#1 Guidelines for Chauffeurs

The guidelines for chauffeurs cover all the rules and etiquette expectations expected of chauffeurs, from uniform and personal hygiene to basic duties, first aid and route planning, even down to the chauffeur’s bag!  

Especially when compared with taxi drivers, chauffeurs are often expected to be discrete and especially as they build and form relationships with clients, they will have to become accustomed to providing a fully confidential service as they get to know their clients’ business and even sometimes, personal secrets. The BCG guidelines for chauffeurs also reinforce the general attitude expected of a chauffeur and taking care of your car.  

#2 Defensive & Anti-Terrorist Driving

The other main section of the Diploma of Merit provided by the BCG, is defensive and anti-terrorist driving. This is where drivers are taught the close protection and security areas of the qualification come into play. 

Topics covered in this section include vehicle security, detecting suspicious devices, defensive and evasive driving techniques as well as modern-day security threats faced by chauffeurs. 

#3 Rules of The Guild 

As well as the practical techniques and training covered, members are also trained on the expectations, goals and requirements of those who hold guild membership.  

Other Driving Qualifications Held by SBC Drivers

We take great pride in employing and working with the most highly-trained drivers, with our drivers having undergone intensive advanced driving courses and continually keeping up to date with the latest chauffeuring requirements. We are proud to add the British Chauffeurs Guild certificate to our list of advanced training. 

Looking For a BCG Trained Chauffeur Company?

At Sussex Business Class, we provide 5* chauffeur services across East and West Sussex,  from Brighton to Worthing, we have clients stretching across the county and both living and working in London. We provide all manners of chauffeuring work from airport transfers to business travel, weddings and leisure trips to special events and days out. 

We have a smart range of luxury chauffeur-driven cars, including the latest Mercedes S Class vehicles and BMW 7 Series, featuring extra legroom and plenty of additional comfort and entertainment features and refreshments. 

We offer a full range of chauffeur services, including airport transfers, executive cars, special events chauffeurs and even wedding car hire!

Speak to us today about BCG-trained chauffeurs and security chauffeuring.