A Luxury Airport Transfer vs Driving to the Airport: Which is better?

For most of us, when it comes to getting to the airport, the thought of having your own designated driver taking you in a luxury Mercedes Benz, complete with daily newspapers, heated seats and complimentary drinks seems worlds away from reality and far from the most cost-effective way to travel. However, in recent years increasingly more and more people are shunning airport parking and driving themselves in favour of an airport chauffeur.

And you don’t have to be in the top percentage of earners to see the benefits as often you will find it is cheaper to get a chauffeur or taxi to and from the airport than it is to park there.

Not only is airport parking extortionately expensive at roughly £20 at peak time at Gatwick, but there have been many scandals surrounding airport parking companies in recent years, which is enough to put anyone off leaving their cars and keys with another company!

Many are now realising that not only is it easier and more convenient to just get dropped off by your own personal chauffeur, but it often works out cheaper and much quicker to get an airport chauffeur. Hence, many are choosing to leave their car behind and be driven in a luxury chauffeur or airport taxi car instead.

To help you decide whether it is best to drive or to get a luxury airport transfer, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons to use a chauffeur over driving your own car:

Airport Transfers Often Work Out Cheaper

This is especially true if your holiday or trip is for 14 days or longer and you are travelling from Brighton to Gatwick. With airport parking starting at around £150 a fortnight at off-peak times, it is often much more cost effective to get your own luxury airport chauffeur to take you. Not only will it be cheaper for a chauffeur than to have your car sat in a car park, but you will also save money on petrol and drinks/snacks on your way! If you choose a reputable chauffeur company like Sussex Business Class, the cars will always be well stocked with newspapers and magazines, drinks and snacks so you can arrive feeling refreshed and ready to check-in without a last-minute dash to WHSmiths to grab a drink beforehand!

When choosing a company always make sure the price is a flat price and not metered like a local taxi can be, as if they get stuck in traffic or have to wait for you, the cost could end up going up. At Sussex Business Class our price is set and even if your flight is delayed, we will not charge you any extra and will be waiting in the arrivals lounge for you.

An Airport Transfer is much more convenient

When you take your own car to the airport, it not as simple as we always imagine when we set off. Firstly, we have to navigate to the right car park, and with so many usually on offer, this can be a nightmare in itself! But once we get there, we also have to drag all our bags from the car to the bus stop and wait for the bus to arrive, which is often hot, sweaty and crammed full of people. Definitely not a relaxing start to any trip or holiday! If you are running late and you miss that bus, sometimes the wait for the next one can mean a last-minute dash to the check-in queue, and no one wants that at the start of their holiday either!

With an airport chauffeur, unlike using airport parking you will be dropped off right at the entrance to your chosen terminal, so no running to catch the bus or dragging all of your stuff onto a crowded bus, just jump straight out and check-in as soon as you get out of your chauffeur driven car. Your driver will take your bags for you too, bonus!

Similarly, on your return, we will be waiting for you inside your terminal, ready to help you with your bags and walk you to the car. Not only this, but you will not have to worry about trying to remember and find the space where you parked your car and catch the dreaded shuttle bus back to it! We will wait until you step off your flight and take you right back to your doorstep, with snacks, magazines and newspapers at your disposal!

An Airport Transfer takes much less time than Driving

With all the waiting around for shuttle buses to get from the car-park to the airport, getting to the airport in your own car can add a lot of time on to your journey as well as the added stress and luggage carrying, which is especially difficult when travelling with children.

However, on the contrary, an airport chauffeur or luxury airport taxi will pick you up from your door and drop you off right outside your terminal, saving you at least 30 minutes of your journey if you choose to arrive by chauffeur instead of in your own car. We always take your flight number when you book to ensure we arrive at a suitable time to get you to the airport, so you can arrive feeling relaxed and not in a rush, which leads us to the next benefit…

You will arrive much more relaxed

Often driving to the airport can leave you extra tired or stressed out before your flight. This is especially true if your flight is in the middle of the night or you have lots of luggage and children travelling with you. Most great chauffeur companies will charge a flat price no matter what time of day your flight is, meaning you can get driven in the middle of the night for the same price as during the day, and even catch up on sleep on the way! With the added benefit of being dropped off outside your terminal, you will arrive feeling much more relaxed! If you have an extra special holiday coming up or a honeymoon, they getting a chauffeur is a definite way to get your journey off to an amazing and memorable start.

An Airport Chauffeur will help you with your luggage

At Sussex Business Class and most good airport chauffeur companies, we are not only here to get you to the airport but we are also here to help make your journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible, and this includes taking your bags and opening the doors for you. We always ensure that your driver will come up to your front door and take your luggage to the car so you won’t have to lift a finger. Not only this but on your arrival, we will take your bags as soon as we meet you in the arrivals lounge. You can just relax and enjoy your journey while reading a magazine or using our WiFi to browse the internet.

We hope you found this guide helpful when it comes to choosing whether to use an airport chauffeur or driving your own car. We offer a range of Brighton chauffeur services, including luxury airport transfers & airport taxi services, cruise transfers and executive car hire. We cover all UK Airports including Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stanstead.

If you would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Alternatively, to get booked in just use our online booking form.

04 Jul 2018